About Us

What is Invead?

Invead is a business management software for small and mid-sized companies, based on a subscription payment model.
The idea behind Invead is to reduce some common pains of business owners, especially those related to crm, purchases, billing, accounting, ... That's why we offer some key business management features that will surely help freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners to manage work in a structured, organized, and digitalized way.
Invead is available completely as a business cloud app, where everything is online in one place. So, it can be accessed by the right people anytime they want, from anywhere, using any device.

Using Invead

Who Is Behind Invead?

Using Invead

Invead is a Saas product built and managed by XXXX, a company registered in XXXXX No: XXXXX.
Our office address: 7 XXXXX .
Feel like getting in touch? Contact Invead customer support, email us directely at hello@invead.io or follow Invead using one of the links below.

Invead's Vision

Our vision for Invead is simple...

To help business owners move from the unstructured, excel, paperwork, and word era to the digital management era, where Invead want to be one of the digital platforms that support freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to do their work in an efficient way and let them do business the right way.
We want you to use Invead because you love our system not because you have to ... if it's the case we will be glad to partner with you