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Why Invead?

Managing business isn't easy and you need the right tools to do that. Ditch the spreadsheets and papers, and start structuring your business with Invead today!

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Core Features

We provide features that you need, make use of all our functionalities and start managing your business correctly!

Manage your customer base in one place ... Access them anywhere

As a business owner, you want to make sure that you're keeping up with essential information about your customers. With invead it's easy to manage your client details. You only have to add client details once & let us manage the relationship.

Adding Customer Data

Store all the key data of your customers in the cloud and group them by type. This is the time to register data correctly and stop using a paper system or excel file for your CRM.

Manage Your CRM

Access your customer database from anywhere, and Track your relationship with clients including invoices, quotes, and transaction history of every contact. Also, you can send emails to the client directly from Invead.

Easy Integration In Business Document

When you create an Invoice or Quote, you need just to select the customer, and all information is automatically included in the right places of your business documents.

Manage products and services the right way

The list of items offered by any business grows continuously. Such small detail make difference between businesses, but only a few deal with that and choose to properly manage their products & services

Store Items Only Once

Store key data of products & services only once in Invead, with default values such as tax, price, ...

Save Tons Of Time

Use the already stored items and quickly add them to your invoices, quotes, and purchase orders in one click every time you need them!

Efficient purchase management ... It matters!

At some point over the course of your business operation, you will definitely need to purchase products from some suppliers. whether it's a bunch of small purchases or a few large purchases, you will need to generate & track your orders, suppliers, and payment in an efficient way. That's why Invead included a module dedicated to your purchase orders system.

Manage Suppliers

Easily add and manage your supplier base, and have all their important details at hand and in one place.

Generate & Download Purchase Orders

In Invead, items & suppliers already exist, then you are just seconds away from generating your purchase order. Everything is calculated automatically, with no more effort, no more mistakes, only ready purchase orders.

Effortless billing for your business

The use of the word, paper or excel to create and calculate your invoices & quotations is now from the past. With Invead, bill like a pro in no time and create, generate, send, and track your bills an easy & professional way.

Create & Send Quotes On The Spot!

We know creating quotes takes a lot of time & energy, which is not paid by the recipient of your offer. From now on you will spend less time doing such a task. Invead lets you generate professional quotes with all your information, send it and covert it to invoice if it gets accepted. All that in a few clicks.

Quickly Create Professional Looking Invoices

Invead retrieves for you the right customer data, inserts the date, and adds the correct invoice number. All you have to do is to add items and generate an invoice ready to be emailed (within Invead) to your customer, printed, or downloaded as PDF. Everything is done in under a minute!

Record Payment & Track Invoices

Our secure online invoice storage lets you access your invoices when you need them. So you can track their status, payment history, record new partial or complete payment, and manage your bills easily anytime, anywhere.

Manage your accounts without any accounting knowledge

Get a real-time view of your incomes & expenses, and master the accountancy of your business.

Manage Bank Accounts & Transfers

Keep an eye on all your bank accounts in one place and easily record every transfer between your account.

Track Income & Expense

Record incomes & expenses related to your business, and track them using our visual incomes & expenses calendar.

Reccuring Transactions

Choose your parameters once, and let Invead generate automatic repeating income or expense on your bank account.

Your business reports at your hand

Your business reports matter for us because having helpful reports at your hand is a privilege that will guide you as a business owner to take correct decisions and do work the right way.

Generate & Export Reports And Statements

Choose report type, use filters, and get the report you need. Yes, it's easy like that ... We really love simplicity!

Many Types Of Reports

The account statement, detail income report, detail expense report, transfer report, income vs expense, a report by payer, a report by the payee, ... And more. All inside a powerful business management platform called Invead.

Customize as you like!

Set all your company information to be used automatically in your generated business documents, like business name, address, email, VAT ID, base currency, logo, ... etc. And configure parameters to adapt Invead to the context of your business.

Manage Company Settings

Manage Your Taxes

Set Payment Methods

Define Income & Expense Types

Create Email Templates

Customize Invoice & Quotes Default Values

There's more...

We want to make it an easy decision to start with Invead

Your business anywhere, anytime

Everything is online, and can be accessed by the right people wherever they are.

Switch or cancel anytime

It's risk free. We want you to use Invead because you love the system, not because you have to.

Easiest-to-use product

Designed with simplicity for all kind of users. They are all saying it, we are proving it

Affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes
14 days trial free of charge.

  We don't ask for your credit card

  We never store your credit card

  No automatic payment

If you are convinced of Invead after the 14 days free trial, you can proceed to payment whenever you want. No obligation!


$ 9.99/Month

  •   14 days free trial
  •   10 Contacts
  •   30 Invoice
  •   50 Quotation
  •   Recurring Transaction
  •   Purchase Module
  •   Email Support

Business Plus

$ 49.99/Month

  •   14 days free trial
  •   Unlimited Contacts
  •   Unlimited Invoice
  •   Unlimited Quotation
  •   Recurring Transaction
  •   Purchase Module
  •   Priority Email Support

All plans include

  Send email to contact

  Contact groups management

  Items management

  Invoice/Quote templates

  Record payment for invoice

  Invoice payment history

  Send invoice/quote by email

  Print/download PDF invoice/quote

  Bank accounts management

  Transactions management

  Incomes/expenses calendar


  Email templates

  Payment methods & tax management

  Excel/PDF export

It's time to do business the right way
It's time to Invead.